These Parents: Attend a Puppet Show

ormally Justin having two days off work in a row, no rain, and Lucy home from school would mean a trip to Cupcake Royale, maybe bundling up and going to Golden Gardens or a walk around Greenlake. But Mila and I were hit with a 24 hour stomach bug and were still working on just getting out of bed.
Thankfully, Santa brought the girls this beautiful puppet theater painted by Nathalie Lete. She also designed the piano, top and memory card game under the tree this year. I’m starting a healthy obsession with her kinda whimsical kinda creepy art work.
We lined up all the stuffed animals and dolls in our house and let Lucy perform for us. She has always been happiest when she’s in the spotlight, center of attention. She begins with a story about herself and mila as princesses, then moves on to a tale about a sad lion without any friends. Mila laughs the loudest as she runs up, opens the curtains wider and sees that it’s Lucy making the silly voices. She then bashfully runs back to me and sits back on my lap.


This Mom: Does Her Makeup in 15 Minutes

photo (23)Not the most thrilling makeup look but this is how I do my makeup about 6 days a week. This is my grocery shopping, bus stop standing or making dinner “face”. afterlight (23) Technically I started this look 45 minutes ago when I got out of the shower and put on my primer. I used MAC brightening Prep + Prime. I let that set before starting my makeup routine. First I use a Stila tinted moisturizer  applied with a all over face brush. I then put concealer under my eyes, around my nose and down along my jaw where I get the most break outs. I set with a MAC powder. There are a ton of different ways to make your face a blank canvas. My favorite foundations is actually Armani Luminous Silk. But I dont use that for just around the house.afterlight (22) Next, I fill in my brows. Not to make them bigger but just to clean up the shape and make them more symmetrical. I use the benefit brow zing  but use this angled brush by Eco Tools with just the powder side.afterlight (20) My eye shadow is just three shades. All over I use a color that matches my skin tone with this large eye shadow brush, again by Eco Tools. I apply it liberally from the lash line all the way up to the brow.afterlight (21) Using the brush that came with my Naked 2 palette (such a great brush for a “freebie”) I apply a matte brown shadow just in the crease and blend blend blend. I picked a color 2 shades darker than my skin tone. For me that’s Faint in my Naked Basics (21) Then using the flip side of that same brush from the Naked 2 palette, I highlight using a slightly shimmery white shadow. I apply it only to the brow bone, inner tear duct of my eye, and just above the lash line in the center of my eye lid. I follow with mascara. I use Great Lash these days. I apply it to all my upper lashes, but only half way across my bottom (20) I then apply from the temple down along my cheek bones, and around the hairline, a orange toned bronzer, I like this one by Stila, in shade 2. I go slightly heavy handed, then once it’s blended I use what little is left on my brush under my jawline and down the sides of my nose. WHY ORANGE? cause I think it has this sweet kind or indie girl look. If I were doing something retro I wouldn’t touch the stuff, I would do matte all over and just a pale pink blush. But with a cardigan and comfy jeans and messy hair I think this look is (19) I then just on the apples of my cheeks use a baby doll pink blush, today I’m using dollymix, by MAC. photo (18)Then using the same brush I used to apply my foundation earlier I blend my blush and bronzer. A lot. I love this MAC brush in 187 for the job. If i just allow the fine longer fibers to skate across the surface of my face instead of pressing down, it blends out the look very (17)Lastly I throw on some lipstick thats just one shade more mauve then my natural lip color. Modesty by MAC works great. And I’m done. I timed myself and the entire look with stopping to photograph the steps only took 15 minutes. Its an easily basic face to build on too. I might add a matte red lip, or just using my finger pat on a glittery bronze shadow to dress it up. Or even a simple cat eye. But this is my daily makeup routine. Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. I’ll be posting more unique, fun looks in the future that build off this. -Jill

This Dad: Makes a Cucumber Collins

photo (24)afterlight (26)afterlight (27)afterlight (28)afterlight (30)afterlight (31)

When Jill has her friends over for a play date, most of the time everyone just wants water or coffee. But on the off chance someone asks for a cocktail I love serving a Cucumber Collins. Its light, refreshing, and easy to make with ingredients we almost always have on hand.
I start by pressing 3 slices of cucumber in a mixing glass, just enough to release the oils.
Then I add .5 oz of fresh squeeze lemon juice and .5 oz of simple syrup.
I add 1.5 oz of Hendricks Gin, which is distilled with cucumber making is ideal for this drink.
Add ice. And shake.
I then double strain in an ice filled Collins glass, top with soda water, and garnish with a sliced cucumber.