This Dad: Makes a Cucumber Collins

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When Jill has her friends over for a play date, most of the time everyone just wants water or coffee. But on the off chance someone asks for a cocktail I love serving a Cucumber Collins. Its light, refreshing, and easy to make with ingredients we almost always have on hand.
I start by pressing 3 slices of cucumber in a mixing glass, just enough to release the oils.
Then I add .5 oz of fresh squeeze lemon juice and .5 oz of simple syrup.
I add 1.5 oz of Hendricks Gin, which is distilled with cucumber making is ideal for this drink.
Add ice. And shake.
I then double strain in an ice filled Collins glass, top with soda water, and garnish with a sliced cucumber.




3 thoughts on “This Dad: Makes a Cucumber Collins

  1. I Love this combination Justin!
    Had a martini similar to this in Southern Pines,
    NC. It was a martini and garnished with a fresh basil leaf … all organic, best ever!
    You are probably aware of this…
    It’s important to know where the cucumbers we eat come from. I Love Cucumbers and always grow my own, from heirloom seeds in the summer.
    Conventional cucumbers are grown as a filler crop between rows of other plants. They absorb and retain pesticides in the entire fruit. Same with berries . 💫🌀

    • We do the “english cucumbers” and I’m not certain they are actually english. They are probably grown in the states and treated with those pesticides. We have a garden in a backyard, I’ve never tried planting cucumber but this year I’m gonna give it a try. 🙂

      • Yay!!!
        I’ll bring some seeds! They are easy to grow 🌀
        We are fortunate to have amazing beyond organic farmers who make produce available all year long now.
        Also small farms who raise and harvest animals humanely and allow
        visiting. I am mostly vegan and or raw,Paul, is the opposite~
        In the process of getting Paul into the habit of not buying anything from whole foods that we can get from our farmers. Would much rather support these families who are working hard at leaving a better place for future generations~ much less costly as well!

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