This Mom: Does Her Makeup in 15 Minutes

photo (23)Not the most thrilling makeup look but this is how I do my makeup about 6 days a week. This is my grocery shopping, bus stop standing or making dinner “face”. afterlight (23) Technically I started this look 45 minutes ago when I got out of the shower and put on my primer. I used MAC brightening Prep + Prime. I let that set before starting my makeup routine. First I use a Stila tinted moisturizer  applied with a all over face brush. I then put concealer under my eyes, around my nose and down along my jaw where I get the most break outs. I set with a MAC powder. There are a ton of different ways to make your face a blank canvas. My favorite foundations is actually Armani Luminous Silk. But I dont use that for just around the house.afterlight (22) Next, I fill in my brows. Not to make them bigger but just to clean up the shape and make them more symmetrical. I use the benefit brow zing  but use this angled brush by Eco Tools with just the powder side.afterlight (20) My eye shadow is just three shades. All over I use a color that matches my skin tone with this large eye shadow brush, again by Eco Tools. I apply it liberally from the lash line all the way up to the brow.afterlight (21) Using the brush that came with my Naked 2 palette (such a great brush for a “freebie”) I apply a matte brown shadow just in the crease and blend blend blend. I picked a color 2 shades darker than my skin tone. For me that’s Faint in my Naked Basics (21) Then using the flip side of that same brush from the Naked 2 palette, I highlight using a slightly shimmery white shadow. I apply it only to the brow bone, inner tear duct of my eye, and just above the lash line in the center of my eye lid. I follow with mascara. I use Great Lash these days. I apply it to all my upper lashes, but only half way across my bottom (20) I then apply from the temple down along my cheek bones, and around the hairline, a orange toned bronzer, I like this one by Stila, in shade 2. I go slightly heavy handed, then once it’s blended I use what little is left on my brush under my jawline and down the sides of my nose. WHY ORANGE? cause I think it has this sweet kind or indie girl look. If I were doing something retro I wouldn’t touch the stuff, I would do matte all over and just a pale pink blush. But with a cardigan and comfy jeans and messy hair I think this look is (19) I then just on the apples of my cheeks use a baby doll pink blush, today I’m using dollymix, by MAC. photo (18)Then using the same brush I used to apply my foundation earlier I blend my blush and bronzer. A lot. I love this MAC brush in 187 for the job. If i just allow the fine longer fibers to skate across the surface of my face instead of pressing down, it blends out the look very (17)Lastly I throw on some lipstick thats just one shade more mauve then my natural lip color. Modesty by MAC works great. And I’m done. I timed myself and the entire look with stopping to photograph the steps only took 15 minutes. Its an easily basic face to build on too. I might add a matte red lip, or just using my finger pat on a glittery bronze shadow to dress it up. Or even a simple cat eye. But this is my daily makeup routine. Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. I’ll be posting more unique, fun looks in the future that build off this. -Jill


7 thoughts on “This Mom: Does Her Makeup in 15 Minutes

  1. I so envy that you can do that in 15 mins! If I had skills like that my life would be so much more fufilling. I think it’s easier for you though because you already start out with a breathtaking canvas. 😉 Cant wait for even more sure to be humorous, and helpful, blogs.

  2. I just received a $50 sephora gift card and have NO idea where to start, I’m thinking that Eco Brish set and the Benefit “brow zing”? Any other suggestions?

    • I’m not sure if sephora has those brushes but target does. They are cheap and apply as well as many much more expensive brushes.
      Brow zing! And a brightening concealer make a huge difference.

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