These Parents: Attend a Puppet Show

ormally Justin having two days off work in a row, no rain, and Lucy home from school would mean a trip to Cupcake Royale, maybe bundling up and going to Golden Gardens or a walk around Greenlake. But Mila and I were hit with a 24 hour stomach bug and were still working on just getting out of bed.
Thankfully, Santa brought the girls this beautiful puppet theater painted by Nathalie Lete. She also designed the piano, top and memory card game under the tree this year. I’m starting a healthy obsession with her kinda whimsical kinda creepy art work.
We lined up all the stuffed animals and dolls in our house and let Lucy perform for us. She has always been happiest when she’s in the spotlight, center of attention. She begins with a story about herself and mila as princesses, then moves on to a tale about a sad lion without any friends. Mila laughs the loudest as she runs up, opens the curtains wider and sees that it’s Lucy making the silly voices. She then bashfully runs back to me and sits back on my lap.


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