This Dad: Makes a Dark and Stormy







I’d like to begin this post by saying I’m a huge fan of Rum cocktails. I use a variety of spirits throughout any given shift at work, but I’m definitely stoked when someone comes in and tells me to make them something with Rum.

The Dark and Stormy is a very well known cocktail incorporating Black Rum, Ginger Beer, and fresh lime juice. The People at Goslings have gone as far as to trademark the name “Dark and Stormy” which calls for the drink only being made with their signature Black Bermuda Rum. That being said, this variation is not a true Dark and Stormy, but one that I feel gives the original a serious run for its money.

The difference in this cocktail is the introduction of Cruzan Black Strap Rum in place of Goslings. Cruzan is much darker, almost a jet black color. The flavor is extremely heavy on the molasses. It’s like sugarcane sprouted legs and ran over to kick you in the teeth. Definitely an amazing take on a traditional black rum.

I also insist on a quality Ginger beer. I feel Bundaberg, an Australian import is one of the best available.

So here’s what you’ll need:

-pint glass
-1oz fresh lime juice
-1 bottle Bundaberg Ginger Beer
-2oz Cruzan Black Strap Rum

Begin by pouring the fresh lime juice into your glass. Add ice.

Pour Ginger Beer until you are nearly to the top of the glass. Now carefully layer your Rum over everything.

Garnish with a lime wheel and enjoy!



This Mom: Rescues Her Tired Face

I wasn’t planning on doing another makeup tutorial. It’s actually Justin’s turn next and he was going to talk about some of his favorite grooming products (stay tuned!) But I woke up looking AWFUL today. I ate tons of salty food yesterday so my face looks puffy, I stayed up til 2am watching The Fall on Netflix and I got a spider bite on my upper cheek (super gross on so many levels) So I thought I’d show my tips and tricks to saving my face on these days.20140112-163305.jpg

I keep spoons in the fridge for when my eyes are puffy. I’ve tried cucumber slices but it makes my eyes water like crazy. I just dome over one eye for a couple minutes then use the back of the spoon on that pouch under my eyes.20140112-163324.jpgNext I apply my strobe cream instead of my usual daily moisturizer. If you are unfamiliar with it, its a pearly lotion with micro-shimmer that helps even skin tone and makes the skin look brighter. I let that sit for a good 15 minutes before applying a brightening serum. I am on a mission to make my skin less dry and blotchy and these two products by mac help a lot. 


When my skin is already angry at me I make sure to be super gentle when applying my products. Really we should all be this gentle all the time. I so often see wild lotion application and its just gonna make the skin more mad. 20140112-163351.jpg

Next I’ve applied my Armani Luminous Silk foundation is #2. cause its again great at evening skin tone and its very dewy looking so I look fresher. I touch up with my MAC moisture concealer just on the spider bite on my cheek. The Armani foundation is so good I really don’t need concealer anywhere else. 20140112-163408.jpg

I set with MAC divine nights Mineral Skinfinish in Centre of Attention. it warms up my skin all over and makes it looks so healthy and glowy! RUN AND GET SOME NOW!!!! ITS A LIMITED EDITION PRODUCT! I swear im not just trying to sell product. I was only at the MAC counter for a couple weeks and I hated every second of it and couldn’t wait to be transferred to a slower paced counter where I could actually get to know the customers. But I digress..20140112-163440.jpg

Next I tackle my eyes. I fill my brows in with a medium matte brown eye shadow just to keep the eyes soft looking. Then I apply a rose gold shadow all over the lid area. Lash line to brow. Then just go through and highlight with a matte white to give variation in texture. You dont want to do frosty frosty and more frosty or matte all over. I highlight right above the lash line in the center. under my brow on the brow bone. in the corner crease. AND I run that white shadow along the bottom lash line to make my eyes appear more open.20140112-163449.jpg

I achieved it all with just “strange” and “burnout” in the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette which is growing on me.20140112-163509.jpg

To keep the eye look soft I opt out of a liner and instead using a angled brush I press “factory” into the upper lash line. I then curl my eye lashes. Quick tip, I put my eyelash curler in my back pocket while I do my makeup so that it warms up. A warmed lash curler just works better. I’ve seen some heat theirs up with a hair dryer but I don’t go through that effort.20140112-163526.jpg

Next I apply MAC desert rose blush on the apples of my cheek. MAC modesty with a dab of Oyster Girl Lipglass (omg I swear Im not a MAC enthusiast. I just have been buying so much of it lately cause its affordable) Lastly I apply mascara just to the upper eyelashes because it helps keep my eyes looking open. It depends on the eye shape though. It also works for some people to do black on the top and brown on the bottom lashes.

Ahhh SO much better. Not really a thrilling look but darn it if I don’t look way more alert than I actually feel.


These Parents: Visit the Fremont Troll

photo (26)20140104-164622.jpg





20140104-164758.jpgToday we headed into Fremont in search of a last minute birthday present for my mom (her birthday is tomorrow so I wont be posting up where we went as to not ruin the surprise.) Casually, I mentioned to Justin I’ve never actually seen the Fremont Troll since its kinda a tourist thing and Im Seattle born and raised. But I secretly love pretending I’m a tourist to justify our taking tons of photos in public and getting stoked to see local things like the Pike Place Market or Gasworks.
nyways, we walked up and as you can see Mila wasn’t impressed. She seemed a little intimidated actually so we kept it quick. I don’t know what I expected. I mean, she’s afraid of some stuffed animals, so a massive troll under a bridge was probably a bad idea.
Before heading home we stopped at Blue C for lunch. I expected Mila to hate it since it didn’t seem like a toddler friendly choice but we were starving and sushi is always quick. Luckily, I was pleased to see there were actually a lot of options now right up her alley. A soy bean puree with chips that was kinda like green hummus so naturally she loved it. And fruit already cut up into finger food sizes. They even had lids on the cups so she didn’t drench herself in water like she has many times before. Blue C has become way more family friendly since we used to take Lucy when she was a toddler. She’s eat the Mighty-O donuts and nothing else.
Hoping on a bus and heading to one of the other Seattle neighborhoods is without a doubt my favorite thing to do with the family. I just wish Lucy was with us. She spent the day with her aunt Lisa instead though. Next time 🙂


This Dad: Takes His Family Out For Breakfast

photo (25)20140103-130857.jpg 20140103-130912.jpg 20140103-130926.jpg 20140103-130941.jpg 20140103-130955.jpgafterlight (36) 20140103-131011.jpg 20140103-131026.jpg 20140103-131040.jpg I look forward to days off to be with my family all week. One of our favorite things to do is take the girls out for breakfast. We walk through Greenlake on the way and both girls run off some of the energy they have bottled up from being indoors all week. The best spot is a dock that is secluded enough you’d never know we were just blocks from a major highway. We hang out and let Mila point out all the ducks. We though her first word was “cracker” but we now know she was actually saying “quack quack”. We then walk over to Beth’s Cafe. The walls are covered in crayon drawing and so the girls are easily entertained and like contributing with their own pictures. It’s also loud with people talking over the 1960’s soul music playing on the jukebox so should Mila fuss or cry we don’t have to stress that we’re ruining anyone else’s meal. We  relax and take our time and enjoy the meal. We watch Lucy take 5 minutes to eat a french fry and let Mila use spoons as drum sticks. We wait all week for days like this, we dont let it go to waste worrying about mess or manners. -Justin