This Mom: Does Mall Goth Inspired Makeup




Mila dropped my makeup bag and shatter my blushes and bronzers. Which ended up working out in my favor cause it meant getting to get some more winter friendly shades. One thing lead to another and this is how I’m wearing my makeup today to just hang out at home with my family. Probably a bit much but oh well, new makeup days are the best.

For my skin I’ve prepped with a primer. Let that set and then apply MAC studio fix fluid foundation with my face brush. I put concealer just under my eyes. I let that set while I start my eye look.
All over my eye with a large shadow brush by Eco tools I apply bronzer. That 1990’s messy eye look turns out best with yellow and golden tones. The naked 2 palette works better for this then the rose tones in the naked 3.
Using a smudge brush I rim my eyes with a shimmery copper (chopper by urban decay) using that same smudge brush I apply a darker brown into the lash line (busted by urban decay) I highlight under the brow bone and corner of the eye with a very frosty silver (verve by urban decay) I then use a MAC angle brush to fill in my brows with brow zing. ALSO OMG! I NEED TO PLUCK MY BROWS! sorry it isn’t until you look at a massive photo of yourself blown up that you notice these things haha.

I normally set my face with powder, but this look can either go very matte OR like today, I kept it dewy. So instead I put a dime size amount of MAC strobe cream in the palm of my hand. Then I work that into a large blush brush. I go over my entire face with that giving it a pearly finish.
Then using that same brush I go over my cheeks with a mineral finish. And then apply my MAC bronzer along my cheek bones. I keep the look pale and don’t use any blush.
I then put on some Chapstick and MAC Diva lipstick. I’m really regretting not lining my lips first but I’m not actually going anywhere so it is what it is.

Lastly I curl my lashes and then apply mascara really working it into the roots of the lashes to give it an even more smudged look.


5 thoughts on “This Mom: Does Mall Goth Inspired Makeup

    • How!?! You should get new mascara every 3 months haha! And foundation every 6 months. Technically , this of course comes from a girl who has a 4 year old compact of powder…..
      Also thank you so much!

      • Those are actually the things I’m letting myself buy: the stuff that NEEDS replenishing. But I have enough lipsticks, glosses, shadows, etc. to beautify an army!

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