This Dad: Takes His Family Out For Breakfast

photo (25)20140103-130857.jpg 20140103-130912.jpg 20140103-130926.jpg 20140103-130941.jpg 20140103-130955.jpgafterlight (36) 20140103-131011.jpg 20140103-131026.jpg 20140103-131040.jpg I look forward to days off to be with my family all week. One of our favorite things to do is take the girls out for breakfast. We walk through Greenlake on the way and both girls run off some of the energy they have bottled up from being indoors all week. The best spot is a dock that is secluded enough you’d never know we were just blocks from a major highway. We hang out and let Mila point out all the ducks. We though her first word was “cracker” but we now know she was actually saying “quack quack”. We then walk over to Beth’s Cafe. The walls are covered in crayon drawing and so the girls are easily entertained and like contributing with their own pictures. It’s also loud with people talking over the 1960’s soul music playing on the jukebox so should Mila fuss or cry we don’t have to stress that we’re ruining anyone else’s meal. We  relax and take our time and enjoy the meal. We watch Lucy take 5 minutes to eat a french fry and let Mila use spoons as drum sticks. We wait all week for days like this, we dont let it go to waste worrying about mess or manners. -Justin


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