These Parents: Visit the Fremont Troll

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20140104-164758.jpgToday we headed into Fremont in search of a last minute birthday present for my mom (her birthday is tomorrow so I wont be posting up where we went as to not ruin the surprise.) Casually, I mentioned to Justin I’ve never actually seen the Fremont Troll since its kinda a tourist thing and Im Seattle born and raised. But I secretly love pretending I’m a tourist to justify our taking tons of photos in public and getting stoked to see local things like the Pike Place Market or Gasworks.
nyways, we walked up and as you can see Mila wasn’t impressed. She seemed a little intimidated actually so we kept it quick. I don’t know what I expected. I mean, she’s afraid of some stuffed animals, so a massive troll under a bridge was probably a bad idea.
Before heading home we stopped at Blue C for lunch. I expected Mila to hate it since it didn’t seem like a toddler friendly choice but we were starving and sushi is always quick. Luckily, I was pleased to see there were actually a lot of options now right up her alley. A soy bean puree with chips that was kinda like green hummus so naturally she loved it. And fruit already cut up into finger food sizes. They even had lids on the cups so she didn’t drench herself in water like she has many times before. Blue C has become way more family friendly since we used to take Lucy when she was a toddler. She’s eat the Mighty-O donuts and nothing else.
Hoping on a bus and heading to one of the other Seattle neighborhoods is without a doubt my favorite thing to do with the family. I just wish Lucy was with us. She spent the day with her aunt Lisa instead though. Next time ๐Ÿ™‚



3 thoughts on “These Parents: Visit the Fremont Troll

  1. Loving the new site Jill! So gorgeous! We went to Blue C Sushi when we lived in Seattle (very briefly) although we never saw the Fremont Troll. It was my first experience with conveyor belt sushi ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. That’s quite a troll! Pretty scary for sensitive eyes though๐Ÿ’ฅWas your Mom’s birthday the 6th? Please send Liz belated wishes from us here in Chicago, the new Siberia…brrrr!๐ŸŽˆ
    Paul’s niece Mckenzie turned 6 on the 5th. Today we have 3 birthdays on our side. Katie and Annie are 12. Monica is 21๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ’›
    Sending Love and Hugs๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’œ

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