This Mom: Rescues Her Tired Face

I wasn’t planning on doing another makeup tutorial. It’s actually Justin’s turn next and he was going to talk about some of his favorite grooming products (stay tuned!) But I woke up looking AWFUL today. I ate tons of salty food yesterday so my face looks puffy, I stayed up til 2am watching The Fall on Netflix and I got a spider bite on my upper cheek (super gross on so many levels) So I thought I’d show my tips and tricks to saving my face on these days.20140112-163305.jpg

I keep spoons in the fridge for when my eyes are puffy. I’ve tried cucumber slices but it makes my eyes water like crazy. I just dome over one eye for a couple minutes then use the back of the spoon on that pouch under my eyes.20140112-163324.jpgNext I apply my strobe cream instead of my usual daily moisturizer. If you are unfamiliar with it, its a pearly lotion with micro-shimmer that helps even skin tone and makes the skin look brighter. I let that sit for a good 15 minutes before applying a brightening serum. I am on a mission to make my skin less dry and blotchy and these two products by mac help a lot. 


When my skin is already angry at me I make sure to be super gentle when applying my products. Really we should all be this gentle all the time. I so often see wild lotion application and its just gonna make the skin more mad. 20140112-163351.jpg

Next I’ve applied my Armani Luminous Silk foundation is #2. cause its again great at evening skin tone and its very dewy looking so I look fresher. I touch up with my MAC moisture concealer just on the spider bite on my cheek. The Armani foundation is so good I really don’t need concealer anywhere else. 20140112-163408.jpg

I set with MAC divine nights Mineral Skinfinish in Centre of Attention. it warms up my skin all over and makes it looks so healthy and glowy! RUN AND GET SOME NOW!!!! ITS A LIMITED EDITION PRODUCT! I swear im not just trying to sell product. I was only at the MAC counter for a couple weeks and I hated every second of it and couldn’t wait to be transferred to a slower paced counter where I could actually get to know the customers. But I digress..20140112-163440.jpg

Next I tackle my eyes. I fill my brows in with a medium matte brown eye shadow just to keep the eyes soft looking. Then I apply a rose gold shadow all over the lid area. Lash line to brow. Then just go through and highlight with a matte white to give variation in texture. You dont want to do frosty frosty and more frosty or matte all over. I highlight right above the lash line in the center. under my brow on the brow bone. in the corner crease. AND I run that white shadow along the bottom lash line to make my eyes appear more open.20140112-163449.jpg

I achieved it all with just “strange” and “burnout” in the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette which is growing on me.20140112-163509.jpg

To keep the eye look soft I opt out of a liner and instead using a angled brush I press “factory” into the upper lash line. I then curl my eye lashes. Quick tip, I put my eyelash curler in my back pocket while I do my makeup so that it warms up. A warmed lash curler just works better. I’ve seen some heat theirs up with a hair dryer but I don’t go through that effort.20140112-163526.jpg

Next I apply MAC desert rose blush on the apples of my cheek. MAC modesty with a dab of Oyster Girl Lipglass (omg I swear Im not a MAC enthusiast. I just have been buying so much of it lately cause its affordable) Lastly I apply mascara just to the upper eyelashes because it helps keep my eyes looking open. It depends on the eye shape though. It also works for some people to do black on the top and brown on the bottom lashes.

Ahhh SO much better. Not really a thrilling look but darn it if I don’t look way more alert than I actually feel.



5 thoughts on “This Mom: Rescues Her Tired Face

  1. Love your makeup tutorials. I have been contemplating my own makeup/SAH mommy blog. I hear ya about the MAC counter madness, i was resident makeup artist for Chanel for 10 years at Macy’s Herald Square in NYC, (just quit to stay home with my 1 year old)…..we were right next to MAC :/. So often customers complained of the loud music and blah blah blah…..great color, however you should definitely try some Chanel skincare…$$ but totally worth it!!! Love your blog. :))

    • Oh no way! The last counter I was at was Chanel! I was at the Nordstrom in Bellevue, WA. I just couldn’t cut it at MAC haha I did make up on a 14 year old who brought in a photo of Lauren Conrad and wanted a very heavy dark smokey eye, I did modified version cause I was like this girl is 14. Then she and all her friends were like “this looks nothing like the photo!” Ummm ya, that afternoon I asked to apply for the Chanel position! Haha! 🙂 their skincare is amazing and I loved their lipgloss.

  2. Of course u did ha, classic Chanel black hair and red lips…same as me…..too funny. I did a few stints at Benefit, Estee Lauder and way back when Calvin Klein had their second go at makeup, i think they are on try #3 or #4 now, but i will always be a loyal Chanel girl. I am feeling the pains of no more gratis :(((.

    • Hahah totally right!?! My cosmetics manager was like “but you have tattoos you belong at MAC!” No way. Chanel was everything. I also loved Armani but was only there for a month. I loved the look of the counter, it was so dark and glam.

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