These Parents: Guide to Valentines Day



Not all couples are into Valentines Day. And we get it, it’s a “made up holiday to sell greeting cards”. But we have always gone all out and have some wonderful Valentines Day memories. And some less than awesome ones haha! So we worked together to share some of our advice. Justin’s thoughts are first then Jill’s.

“Every Valentines Day I beg Jill for traditional pinup photos. But she quickly shoots the idea down, reminding me how expensive a photographer is. That she’ll need new lingerie. And to get her hair done. And by the end we’re looking at $400+. If you can swing it though it’s an awesome gift. I don’t think there’s a husband out there who doesn’t want sexy photos of his wife. Every man has a different idea of what sexy is but traditional pinup photos are a pretty safe bet. If you don’t have the budget to get professional ones, just an iPhone selfie sent while I’m at work with a “thinking about you” text is a close second.

Another gift that is always appreciated is a new bottle to add to the liquor cabinet. Champagne is a classic choice for Valentines Day but a thoughtful gift is something masculine just for him. Any Parks and Rec fan is familiar with Lagaluvin 16. It’s Ron Swanson’s drink of choice. And it’s dry, smokey, with a fair amount of spice, making it an ideal gift for him.”
– Justin

“Justin has always gone above and beyond for Valentines Day. Jewelry, Roses, etc.. But I really am hoping for some goodies from Lush again. Feeling relaxed and smelling amazing really helps me feel more romantic. Nothing kills the mood like spit up in your hair. Gross.
Another thing we do is instead of going out we send the girls to grandma’s while we stay in and watch a movie. In the past, I’ve thought a ‘romantic homemade dinner’ was a good idea. And an epic love story movie. But then I end up sleepy from a heavy meal or I’m crying cause the movie was too dramatic, etc.. What has worked best for us is popcorn and movie theater snacks and re watching a comedy like Anchorman we’ve seen 101 times so we can talk through it without feeling like we’re ‘missing the movie’. And spending time laughing together and enjoying each others company is really what it’s about for me.
I get that Valentines Day can be tacky, or if you’re single it can be annoying. But for married people with kids it can also be a great excuse for, sometime much needed, romance! I’d love to hear more gift ideas or fun traditions other people have! So feel free to share :)”



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