This Mom: Super Easy Pinup Hair and Makeup


I’ve prepped my skin the same way I do most days. Moisturizer, primer, concealer, foundation. But instead of lightly setting, I’m going heavy handed with my pressed powder all over my entire face and neck, even over my eye lids and lips. I want everything super matte.

Next I apply white eye shadow all over my lid just using my finger. But I really pat it on heavily on my lid below the crease all the way into the lash line.

Then I press on a matte brown along the crease making a crescent shape. I really load up the brush, then blow on it. by pressing it on instead of brushing it I can avoid shadow flying all over the place.20140119-173545.jpg

It looks crazy at first but then take the time to blend it UPWARD! away from the white lid. and after if you need to re-apply white on the lid. You want there to be a clear lid vs crease. If you are darker skinned than me, which is like 99.9% of society, you may wanna use a dark brown nearly black or black shadow instead.20140119-173602.jpg

No matter how clean you are about applying, you’ll probably want to touch up under your eye and the area from the corner of your eye up to the brow. You want that brown area to sweep up cleanly so I take a large shadow brush and stipple a little of my foundation, let it set then put a little of my face powder over it. I also take this time to quickly fill in my brows. A thick dark brow is pretty key to this look. If you dont naturally have massive brows or if you have blonde hair here’s an awesome tutorial to get the look.

Next is one of the trickier steps. I line my eye using a angled brush and a paint pot. You can you liquid eye liner but a pencil wont work for this. The key is to go slow. 

I start in the center of the eye that’s where I like the line the fullest. I do just the center on the left, then the right. I then line the corner not my dragging my brush, I just press it along the lash line. This is why I prefer a angled brush. Its more like stamping that trying to get the look perfect with one fluid movement. I just press the brush into the lashes using only the edge of the brush not the sides.

EEk! And then I do the little cat eye flick upward last. and I go SUPER SUPER SLOW! with my nose practically touching my mirror. go thin and short and then build on it. I like a more modest line. Then I curl my lashes and apply my mascara before my false lashes.

Then I put on the false lashes. they seem scary but omg they so arent. There are 101 tutorials out there with tips and tricks. some people use tweezers or special clips for false lashes. I just go for it. If you dont over think it and just place then right on top of where you lined your eye, you’ll be fine. Then I go over my liner with the same brush but use a black powder to kinda airbrush the line, fill in any odd spots and if the lash glue shows at, the eye shadow will cover it.

I know they seem like a pain in the ass but come on. false lashes make a huge difference. I mean I’d never wear them just to go grocery shopping but for this look the are a key factor.


The only blush I do is a baby doll pink (dolly mix) right on the apples of my cheeks and no where else. I blend a little but not much. NO BROZER OR HIGHLIGHTER.

Lastly I apply red lipstick. I put on a lip primer but I didn’t line my lips or anything. I just carefully brush it on. The brush to the left is a typical lip brush but I dont think the shape actually works well to apply lipstick so I use a small eyeshadow brush cause I can fan it out and make a nice thin edge to me. a thin shawdow brush is way easier.

20140119-173848.jpgOK, Now the hair part. Excuse the “photobooth” grainy selfies. I couldn’t hold bobby pins and a curling iron and bobby pins.
So first I pin my bangs back, using a little pomade. I don’t go too high, just a small pomp.
Next I spray my hair down with a protein heat protector.
Then on one side I grab a section of hair and roll it around, making a tube with a quarter sized hole. Roll the hair down like you’re using an invisible curler.
Typical victory rolls you’d be able to see the holes when facing forward, but I think that look can get a bit wacky if not done perfectly. So I just tip the rolls back so you can only see the hole of the tube of hair from a birds eye view.
I just use a couple bobby pins, one at the top of the roll and one at the bottom. Then I repeat on the other side.
Lastly I curl my hair with a 1 1/4 inch curling iron. there are a few different methods, But I hold the iron horizontally and roll up that way, flipping the hair out not under to make traditional curls instead of waves or loose curls.

nd theres the finished looked! Its SO easy I swear. I mean I only use 2 eye shadow colors If you dont want to try the hair but then dont know what to do here’s an awesome cheat:


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