These Parents: Comforting our sick toddler.


Mila has been sick all week with a mild cold that just would not quit that then turned into a sinus and ear infection. The first 2-3 days we were messes. She wasn’t sleeping at all and when she did sleep it was for 5 minutes at a time. Mila has always been a great sleeper so we weren’t sure how to handle it.
Over the past week though we have gotten this down enough that she is sleeping well and much more alert despite still being fairly sick. Here are the 10 tips that we got from others that have really helped us out! We aren’t Dr.s so don’t take any of our advice without checking with your own pediatrician 😉

1.Coconut Oil. Before bed we do a sippy of warmed milk with a spoonful of coconut oil melted in. She almost never drinks cows milk (only human haha) but it helps her sleep longer without getting hungry and the coconut oil coats her throat to avoid coughing fits.

2. Steam showers/ Bath. At night we just create a steam room to help loosen up congestion and hang out in there for 15 minutes. But in the morning I run a bath using the shower head (if that makes sense) so that the bathroom is steamy while we can hang out in the bath for 30+ minutes. She wakes up so crusty and gross its a nice new start to the day.

3. Eucalyptus Oil in the bath. There are mixed reviews on its safety. Like Vick’s Vapor Rub, it can cause breathing problems in little ones. So we dont use any at bed time. But first thing in the morning, we’ve found when putting 5-10 drops in the bath, it helps to clear out all the built up stuff in her lungs and sinuses.

4. Sleeping upright. I prop the pillows and sit upright and then hold mila in an upright position as if she were in her sling. Its the difference between waking every 5 minutes and only waking a couple times.

5. Homemade Saline. I found a recipe on the Food Network site of all places. But its just warmed salt water and I put 1 drop into each nostril before bed. One of our major issues is that Mila would get stuffed up and couldn’t nurse cause she couldn’t breathe through her nose. This helps keep her nose clearer.

6. Humidifier. We use the cool mist one from Target that looks like an elephant. Just be sure to clean it each day especially around the nose cause I guess germs can grow there like crazy.

7. Oatmeal. The B.R.A.T diet is great for the flu or tummy upset. But with the cold, we found that Mila just doesn’t have any appetite and its more a matter of getting her to eat anything. Oatmeal has been awesome since I can mix high calorie nut butters in with fresh fruit. And of course chicken noodle soup, but I could only get her to eat the noodles.

8. When in doubt, Advil. We know that a fever is the bodies natural way of healing, and with a low grade fever you don’t want to over medicate. BUT….there’s also just not wanting to see your child suffer. When Mila is very fussy and miserable looking we gave her Advil. We find that it works the best for her. We don’t ever buy the generic OTC medicines because I’ve heard they go through less testing than the original medicines. And while we do have the homeopathic alternatives in the house, they aren’t always as effective. So we stick to Advil.

9. Babywearing. DUH. But really, I had scaled back a lot on my Mila wearing. She’s getting bigger and I didn’t wanna screw up my shoulder again and so I’m trying soft structure carriers and looking at strollers. But a ring sling is her comfort zone and it helps me keep a close eye on her. So yeah we’ve been doing a lot of babywearing. Especially the tummy to tummy position.

10. Lavender. my friend Kate sent us some Lavender oil and it has been so awesome. I just mix some in with our honest company oil, and its awesome for a pre bed massage.

* Bonus Tip. Let all your “rules” go. Ice cream and watching a Dance Moms marathon. WHATEVER! She’s sick. Spoil them like crazy. What Mila wants, Mila gets. Even if its digging the ice out of my glass and throwing it on the ground.


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