This mom: takes the ferry to Kingston


It’s been hours since we got home and my toes are still cold. Wool sock and rainboots are still no match for the Puget Sound. We headed out early this morning as the snow began to fall in Seattle.  We had our hearts set on taking the girls to Edmonds to take the ferry over to Kingston.
I grew up in Edmonds and cant help but act as a tour guide to my hometown just 20 minutes north of Downtown Seattle. “Ohh that’s the Denny’s my friends and I drank coffee at and smoked Camel cigarettes. This girls I was friends with, her mom used to own that shop over there, and now a girl I used to babysit works there!” Super vital information like that.
We park right by the ferry and decided to walk on. Instantly as I open the door I’m like “ahhh I can breathe again!” The air in Edmonds is different. Its chilled and clean…I cant describe it. But its like the rest of the world is a stuffy smoke filled room in comparison.
The ferry was full of young pre-teens going to some soccer tournament. And those are most of my memories going to Kingston too. School camping trips or a softball game. Or in the summer we’d go over just to get ice cream. Today our old goal is to get crepes and just take in the sights. I didn’t photograph much over at Kingston, eating with two little ones is all the challenge I can handle.
But after lunch we walked to a look out point to watch the ferry boat come in. The misty rain starts curling my hair and my girl’s cheeks turn red.  Thankfully the ride back seemed to go by so quickly. We all couldn’t wait to get back in the car. It’s been way too long since I’ve felt that stinging of cold cold hand warming in the car on the ride home. Reminded me of taking off my soccer cleats in the back seat, and begging my mom to let us go through a drive thru for dinner.
I dont hope that my girls some day smell the fresh air and think of their childhoods, I hope they never stop exploring the Pacific Northwest. And playing outside even though its raining.
I feared that getting a car would mean walking around less and not getting outdoors as much. But I’m starting to think it’s just the opposite. I think there’s going to be more family outings outside and less netflix marathons inside from now on.






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