These Parents: go to snoqualmie falls

20140304-152018.jpgSo ya know when you go to a massive waterfall, bring your camera, and somehow forget to take a photo of the actual waterfall. D’oh! I don’t even wanna talk about it.
But cut me some slack! We get out of the car and are surrounded by pine covered mountains with fog weaving through the trees. The air is so misty you can’t tell what’s rain and what’s coming off of the waterfall. The crashing is so loud you can hardly talk to the person standing next to you. All I could do was laugh cause it was all so beautiful it’s almost uncomfortable. Ok maybe not uncomfortable…but comical for sure. It’s all so ridiculously gorgeous you can’t help but laugh. So ya. I only took 4 photos. Face. Palm.
Then we wander over to the gift shop with is full of stuff you can find in any of those Made in Washington stores. Like those flavored honey sticks, rocks and gems, and Mila fell for a stuffed mallard that makes a realistic duck call.
Next we headed over to North Bend to be dorky assholes who just HAVE to see the diner from Twin Peaks. The locals and the waitress seem totally bothered by us. But when some tool with quirky 1890’s facial hair and his omgsohip girlfriend climb out of their Kia and begin taking 101 photos with their iPhones, I get it. Hipsters come from all over just to get a “damn fine cup of coffee”. There’s a real sense of ‘here’s your *ucking cherry pie. Just take your photos for Instagram and leave.’ Whatever lady! If it weren’t for Laura Palmer you would be pouring coffee all day for 4 creepy dudes who tip you dimes. The fries were pretty amazing though. And that’s how we spent our Tuesday!








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