These Parents : go to the Burke Museum.

I once saw a meme, something along the lines of “people take photos of the things they love”. It’s so true. You can really see what matters to someone by their IG feed.
But also, after any of our family outings, you can go through my memory card and see quite clearly what I enjoyed about our adventure. Goes to a waterfall, takes nothing but photos of the pine trees. Goes to the beach, takes 101 photos of rocks. Goes to diner, memory card is full of pictures of my coffee cup.
Today we took advantage of Free Thursday at the Burke Museum, and once again you can obviously tell what aspect I enjoyed most. Did I take a single photo of a Dinosaur? Nope. Volcanic rock? Nope. But I get to the exhibit about Native American tribal art and it’s like *click *click *click ALL THE PHOTOS!! I could have stayed all day reading about each and every piece. But Mila was being WILD. I tried keeping her in the ergo to help calm her down but she just wanted to run laps. Justin got her to show a little interest in some gem stones, but the Burke doesn’t do a great job of being kid friendly. There’s a play area and all, but this museum is better for adults/teens. Even Lucy I could see getting bored easily.








One thought on “These Parents : go to the Burke Museum.

  1. Haha, I would have been the same way. I can’t get enough of Native American culture! I live in Oregon so we see a lot here as well. I love pow wow’s, I’ve been waiting to hear about one to take my son to! 🙂

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