Carkeek Park


Justin’s mom is visiting from Chicago so we’ll be hitting up all our favorite spots this week. First things first, Justin took her to our grocery store which really is our favorite place to go as a family. But today we went and hung out at Carkeek. There are so many beach/park combos near the Puget sound this ones our favorite because it’s huge yet never crowded. The play area is unique with a giant salmon shaped slide and it’s right on the train tracks so those darling enough can actually stand on the stairs that lead to the beach and watch the train fly by right under your feet. I think it’s terrifying but the kids just love seeing the train even if it’s from a far far away safe distance. I wish I could take more photos of the view from the playground and the play area but the rules of taking photos of your own kids with other kids around is always kinda blurry. Like if one mom busts out her iPhone then I feel more comfortable that she’s ok if I start taking photos of my kids with hers in the background. But today I was the only mom with a huge clunky camera in her hands so I felt way less comfortable. But Carkeek park is awesome I swear.













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