Carl S. English Jr. Botanical Garden

20140324-160135.jpgRight along side the Ballard Locks, is the Carl S. English Jr. Botanical Gardens. Which is a massive public garden and walking path. Everything blooms at the same time the salmon can be seen in the fish latters. Ok I know this all sounds a little wacky unless you are from here, but simply, the Ballard locks are a way of giving the boats and the fish safe passage through while also acting kinda like a dam.
Anywho, when the fish are swimming the latter and the garden is in full bloom it’s so crowded it’s not even worth going. Especially on the weekend. But during the week the schools all visit so it’s chaos then too.

But today it was perfect. Not too many people, we could see a ship coming through, and it just just enough cherry blossoms and flowers to make it worth checking out.

Mila is really wanting to explore on her own and we follow her along and she puts rocks in her mouth, climbs up and down the same curb, and posts at everything saying “this!!” It was not a bad way to spend a Monday, not at all.













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