Being Dad.


Dear Lucy,
Let me begin this by saying I know you have another Dad. A dad who loves you very much, who held you the day you were born and will always be a huge part of your life. But you aren’t a little girl with a dad and a step dad. You have two dads.
Our relationship and the role I will play in your life doesn’t require an extra title. I’m not just your moms husband. I met you when you still drank out of a bottle. I went to the store at 2am to get you milk and pushed you in a stroller. I hope you don’t remember a life without me in it.
You are my daughter no different than Mila is. I’ve been warned to prepare myself to hear “you aren’t my real dad!” when you’re a teenager mad at your mother and I for not letting you go out with your friends or taking your phone away. But I already have my response ready to go: “I

am your dad!” Biological or not, I love you, will take care of you, help you succeed and will always be there for you.





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