Earth Day

Honestly, I feel like garbage today. Achy, tired, cramps. All that fun stuff. Sweatpants and the couch were calling my name. But even if it’s just for an hour, getting outside, feeling the grass between my toes, stirring the compost and spraying the hose for Mila (oh and the plants) is the best medicine. Though peppermint tea and Advil help too. Happy earth day everyone! Hope you and your families get outside and enjoy some fresh air.







One thought on “Earth Day

  1. I almost succumbed to the lure of couch today for all the same reasons. Funny how the last thing you want to do is often the best medicine. Your posts make me wish we had seasons here. It’s just warm, warm and wet, warm and windy, and not so warm around here. 😉

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