Cal Anderson Park

We were actually supposed to go to the Pacific Science Center today. I was so excited to take Mila to the tropical butterfly house where there are hundreds of colorful butterflies everywhere. But instead parking downtown turned into us bickering because there wasn’t any parking, I thought for sure there would be spots in one lot and there wasn’t. Going round and round and there was all this construction. Ugh. Then Justin said ef it, let’s just get coffee and go to a park on Capitol Hill. Which at first I hated the idea of cause I felt bad that I told Mila we’d see butterflies and we didn’t.

But we got up the hill. Found a spot right on Broadway. And instantly we were both is great moods. We used to live over here and these were the streets we fell in love on. We went to our old Starbucks and took Mila to the park we used to always take Lucy to. I haven’t laughed so hard in forever. It even started pouring buckets and we still managed to have fun. I’m learning that when things aren’t going well, when you can’t find parking, things are getting tense, it’s better to just bail and make new plans than to force it.







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