Rain rain


For the children of the Pacific Northwest, days spent at the beach are quite different than most of the world. It means bundling up to walk on the unleveled ground provided my rocks and shells that come in a million shades of grey. Sea glass and empty dried crab shells are tucked snuggly between barnacle covered stones.
Unfortunately my girls totally belong in California. They whine over the tiniest amount of rain. They love the mall and cake pops. Hot pink everything and dance moms.
I used to jump on my trampoline in the rain for hours and would come in soaking wet happy as can be. Id play in the mud flats as a child and loved finding huge shells.
My girls jump in puddles and 5 minutes later ask to go inside to get warm.
I love this city. This is where I belong. But I’ve accepted my children might leave me for LA when they get older. Or maybe they are still just getting over colds and weren’t in the mood today and I’m reading too much into it. But oh well, I had a nice day! And they got hot cocoa. So win win.







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