La Lune


So excited for Angela (@_losangelas on Instagram) and her friend Laura who have open a new shop, La Lune!
When the package arrived in the mail the girls couldn’t believe something in the mail was for them! Most of the time it’s something Justin needs for work, or clothes for me. But when Mila and Lucy saw the pieces they practically, ok ACTUALLY, tore through the packaging and began putting pieces on.
I could feel the sibling rivalry building when the purse was pulled out. So we ran outside and played a game of “Lucy, you pick one, now Mila you pick one. Lucy you pick, Mila you pick…” Mila went for a bracelet first. And Lucy picked a necklace that I’ll be swiping. It has “m” and “l” charms!
The purse they just have to take turns! Look at Mila’s jealous glance! Ahh! Sisters….
The girls are in love with their pieces from La Lune!








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