Cupcake Royale

*Hey guys! I took a short blogging break while I got the hang of working with Sakura Bloom. But now that I feel more settled in and Lucy is back in school, I have the time again to blog<3
My husband and I aren’t even ashamed to admit, we are the biggest flakes. Not intentionally. We just over book ourselves. We make plans to do 4 different things in one day, feel overwhelmed, throw in the towel and stay home instead. So when Chloe (Who was a volume 4 Sling Diarist, that I’d never actually met, but feel like she is a dear old friend from reading her entries and following her family for nearly a year) hit me up late Friday night offering to take family photos, I said yes and then instantly felt that anxiety of “how do I get out of this without totally screwing her over”.
Its not that I’m camera shy. I don’t care if there are blinking awkward double chinned photos of me floating around. My concern was the girl’s behavior. They’d scream and cry. Justin would get grumpy and Chloe would walk away like “whooaaa….her husbands kinda rude and her kids are brats.” But I dared to risk it anyways and actually followed through.
Instead the complete opposite happened. We all had a fantastic time. And Chloe was a natural with the girl. AND OMG THESE PICTURES! After months of slacking and almost exclusively relying on my Iphone to document this past summer, I cant tell you how amazing it is to have photos I feel actually capture my family.
I had a feeling things would go smoothly when instead of having some grand staged plan for the photos, Chloe asked what our family likes to do. I kinda chuckled and was like “Seriously the only thing my family does it go to Cupcake Royale and then the park.” and she thought that sounded perfect. We had an afternoon much like the hundreds of other afternoons we had doing this exact same thing with the girls. The girls had fun and didn’t think of today as a day we took family photos. Instead they got cupcakes and got to go to the park and met some new friends ❤
I cant thank you enough for these photos, Chloe! We LOVE them.
Check out her blog you guys:

Wojslaw Family from Chloe Ramirez on Vimeo.




2 thoughts on “Cupcake Royale

  1. the picture of Lucy holding onto Justin’s arm and looking up at him…seriously melted my heart. These pictures are beautiful and so is your family. You can totally feel all the love in these 😀

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