Vincent Aleksander part 2

Im about to just dump photos. in order. but its not the most cohesive collection of images. But that could be a perk to organizing these photos and thoughts months later. Because in the moment I find myself just wanting to post the ones showing off my 4 week old fully smiling or that perfectly focused shot. Or I may not post one cause someone’s shirt has a stain or is inside out.
And not only that. Some photos you don’t even realize will remind you of a certain time until that time is over. Its like that blurry one lucy took of me in my black robe holding Vincent. Seeing that took me right back to that moment.
And the truth is he’s spent a huge portion of the first year indoors. And those are some of my fondest memories. Sure we went to the beach a lot. Which only reminds me of trying to slather the kids all in sunscreen and keeping the baby from eating sand. And there was fun there too! Especially for the kids. And it’ll be fun to see which photos they like to look back on.
The down side is that I struggle with the words, and story telling. So much of the first year past those early weeks is a blur. I know the time pasted. But its hard to come up with specifics. He learned to crawl. He rolled over. He rolled over off the bed. That was traumatic. For me more then him I hope.
The rest was extremely ordinary. Teeth grew. There were nights where we slept a lot and nights I got no sleep. Luckily the no sleep nights were few and far between.
And his first birthday is coming up soon and I feel like I have nothing profound to talk about. What has this first year of his life meant!?! He wont remember it and I apparently don’t have many thoughts about it. And its sad. Its depressing AF.
But I met Vincent. That’s what happened. I met vinny vinny Vincent. And he’s funny. And he’s sensitive and whiny and needy. And he loves being in the living room. And he bites my legs if I ignore him.
He went through a phase of eating EVERYTHING in sight and now all the sudden its a chore to get him to take 3 bites of his dinner and he just wants to nurse. He is a mama’s boy. He fits right in as another family member who basically just wants to be with their family and no one else. He likes getting into trouble and being wild. Then he wants to be scooped up and held and he will yell until you do.
Ive always identified as a newborn/infant phase person, who loves this age over all others. But with Vincent I’m enjoying this time but also exciting about each age to come. Im not sad that our “baby days” are soon to be behind us. Im ok. I got my fill and now I’m looking forward to having a toddler again.


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